Three DFW schools among nine Texas universities named best in the world

By Laura Furr | Web Editor
Dallas Business Journal 
Three DFW schools are among nine Texas universities ranked in the top 200 universities in the world, according to the 2015 Center for World University Rankings report.

The University of Texas at Austin was the 30th best university in the world, according to the report. It topped the list of Texas schools that made the cut but moved down one spot from last year.


Quality of education, alumni employment and quality of faculty were weighted 25 percent each in the study’s methodology. Publications, influence, citations, broad impact, and patents each weighed 5 percent. UT Austin scored a 62.7 out of 100 under these criteria.


Among those ranked were The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, The University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson and Southern Methodist University in Dallas.


Here is how the nine Texas schools ranked among the top 200 universities:

  • University of Texas at Austin ranked No. 30
  • The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center ranked No. 75

  • University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center ranked No. 90

  • Texas A&M University ranked No. 102

  • Rice University in Houston ranked No. 120

  • Baylor College of Medicine ranked No. 121

  • University of Texas at Dallas ranked No. 139

  • Southern Methodist University ranked No. 142

  • University of Houston ranked No. 184

Texas universities have been noticed lately not only for the quality of education they provide but also for their value.


Earlier this month, Rice University was named the most valuable four-year education in Texas on Money’s 2015 Best Colleges ListTexas A&M Universityand the University of Texas at Austin also ranked within the top 100 colleges in America on that list.

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