State Farm shaping attitudes and increasing activity in Richardson market

Two words can sum up what’s been happening in Richardson in 2013: State Farm. The December announcement of State Farm’s plans for a 1.5 million square foot, 7,000-employee campus on Richardson’s north side has been confirmed by the presence of land clearing equipment and an ever increasing tempo of work on their site. The sheer magnitude of the project was such that it came as no great surprise when the Dallas Business Journal selected it as the overall winner at its annual “Best Real Estate Deals” awards gala on April 25.


Even though the initial occupancies in the three-building State Farm campus will not occur until late 2014, the anticipation of that has been shaping attitudes and activity in the Richardson market. It’s no longer a secret that the intersection of Highway 75 and the Bush Turnpike is a nexus for one of the richest veins of  financial and IT talent in not only DFW, but the in the nation. Genpact, a globally-prominent business process management company is planning to add 330 new employees to its 200 on the Bush Turnpike,  American Contractors Insurance Group is moving here from the Park Central area, Cleveland-based Safeguard Properties is opening an office here to serve the mortgage industry, and financial service outsourcing company IQor is adding a new regional office, hiring 60 new workers a week towards its goal of 700. In the most recent development, Texas Capital Bank made a 50,000 SF addition to its 120,000 SF of back office space at 2350 Lakeside. A number of other relocations and expansions in the financial services sector are investigating both existing space and build-to-suit opportunities in Richardson.


Technology companies are on the move as well: Following Inogen last year, Richardson added another California refugee in the form of 123eWireless, a wireless components maker and distributor that found the Texas business climate more to its liking and the Telecom Corridor® a home to a number of its customers. Prodea, a home entertainment platform technology company, shifted its operations to Richardson this spring. Some may remember Anousheh Ansari, one of Prodea’s founders, from her days at the helm of one of Richardson’s great business success stories, Telecom Technologies, Inc. If one wanted to look for a place to put together a portfolio of some of these great Telecom Corridor companies, they could find it here with Trade Station Technologies, a fast-growing software company that enables stock market trading from a PC or Mac and 24/7 market updates from mobile devices.


With the financial service and technology sectors in strong growth modes, 2013 has started off as another very positive year for Richardson’s continued economic growth and expansion. 

2013 Expansions and Relocations
# DateCompanyBusinessTypeFrom AddressSquare FeetType SpaceJobsBroker 
1 1/10/2013American SW Insurance ManagersProperty & casualty insurance companyRelocationRichardson 2600 NCX 35,000 Office 125 Mike McCartan
Mark V Commercial 
2 1/21/2013Genpact LLC (Phase II)IT and business process outsourcing servicesRelocationChicago3101 E. PGBT #10030,000 Office 330Byron McCoy
Holt Lunsford 
1/22/2013 America Contractors Insurance Group Insurance policies for the construction industryRelocation Dallas 2600 NCX 40,000 Office 130 John Beach
Jackson Cooksey 
41/22/2013 AeroTek Technical staffing RelocationRichardson 2600 NCX 12,000 Office40 Lauren Napper
Cassidy Turley 
51/23/2013 State Farm Property & casualty insurance company ExpansionBloomington, IL Galatyn A & B 311,000 Office 1,200 Randy Cooper, Craig Wilson
Cassidy Turley 
61/28/2013 TradeStation TechnologiesStock trading software platform RelocationRichardson2600 NCX 18,300 Office 60 Greg Langston
71/29/2013 IphotonixCommunications software and hardwareRelocationRichardson 2600 NCX 8,464Office 30Brett Hefton
1/31/2013 Bland Garvey CPA firm Relocation Richardson 2600 NCX 15,000 Office 35 Ken Boyd
Jackson Cooksey 
1/31/2013 Safeguard Properties Property management of foreclosed homes RelocationValley View, OH 2400 Lakeside 22,000 Office 150 Kent Smith
Robert Lynn/NAI 
102/1/2013 Samsung Mobile communications products Expansion Richardson2301 N. Greenville10,607Office 40 Pat O'Keefe
11 3/1/2013IQorFinancial asset recoveryRelocationNew York 1122 Alma 40,000 Office 700 Jarrett Dunaway
Mohr Partners 
123/7/2013123eWirelessDesign & mfg wireless component hardware Relocation Rancho Santo Margarita, CA1680 N. Glenville16,250 Flex 60 Byron McCoy
Holt Lunsford 
134/3/2013ProdeaHome digital entertainment platform RelocationPlano 2435 NCX #500 13,000Office 70 N/A 
144/5/2013Tom Thumb Regional HQAdministrative office   RelocationCarrollton 930 E. Campbell Rd. 16,000 Office 40 N/A 
154/16/2013 Texas Capital Bank Bank back office operations Expansion Richardson 2350 Lakeside  50,000 Office 200T.Quinn & E. Tillman
Totals      637,621 3,210 
 Source: Richardson Economic Development Partnership
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