State Farm finishing out campus with room for up to 10,000 employees

By Candace Carlisle
Dallas Business Journal | Senior Reporter  
The regional hub for Bloomington, Illinois-based State Farm Insurance could be the company's largest regional hub in the United States with room for up to 10,000 employees, of which, 1,500 employees are expected to be hired by the end of the year.
The fourth tower was completed by Dallas-based KDC a year ago shortly before the 2.2 million-square-foot campus in Richardson was sold to a joint venture for an estimated $825 million. 
Ever since then, State Farm Insurance has been filling seats and finishing out the interior of the regional campus.
With projections to hire 1,500 employees this year, the insurance company projects to employ upwards of 10,000 employees on the North Texas — making it the largest State Farm regional hub of its kind in the United States.
"Dallas was the first campus to open and we are still actively moving into the Phoenix and Atlanta campuses that are still under construction," said State Farm spokesman Chris Pilcic.
In Richardson, State Farm has about 6,900 employees with projections to have 8,000 to 10,000 employees in the North Texas campus, with Phoenix and Atlanta following suit upon completion of the projects.
However, the Dallas-Fort Worth hub is expected to be the largest of the three regional campuses because of the large talent pool in the region, said Jill Lacy Green, a Dallas recruiting manager for State Farm Insurance.
"We have a great talent market in Dallas and there's a lot of opportunity to expand based on our brand and the good presence we have in the community," Green said.
The 1,500 jobs range from initial loss reporting to claims to customer service, with the employees spread out throughout the campus — depending on the position.
Initially, State Farm Insurance told the region it planned on hiring upwards of 8,000 employees.Another insurance company — Boston-based Liberty Mutual Insurance — has reached a milestone with its new $325 million, 1.1 million-square-foot Plano campus and has plans to hire thousands of workers. 
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