Richardson 2011 Business Relocations/Expansions Already Double 2010s Impact

Richardson 2011 Business Relocations/Expansions Already Double 2010’s Impact


Just halfway through 2011, the jobs and occupancy resulting from Richardson business relocations and expansions are more than double last year’s totals. Through June, 24 completed projects reported by the REDP involve 5,174 new or retained jobs (versus 1,918 in 2010) and the occupancy of 1,334,728 square feet of non-retail commercial space (versus 631,032 in 2010).  


Major Relocations:

  • VCE - Governor Rick Perry was on hand for the March 8 announcement that VCE, a new Cloud Computing company created by three world-renowned companies VMware-Cisco Systems and EMC, would be establishing its headquarters in Richardson and spawning 450 very well-paying jobs. The move underscores the fact that Richardson, and North Texas generally, is already a major center for Cloud Computing because of the strong telecom, software, and data center owner/developer sectors in the region.

  • Ericsson - After a nearly decade-long absence, the Swedish telecom giant returned to Richardson in a big way. First, it purchased the Carrier Networks business from a floundering Nortel in 2009, and then in July of this year, Ericsson signed a lease for 460,000 SF at the Richardson Nortel campus to ensure the continued presence of approximately 1,000 former Nortel workers there and to add nearly 1,500 employers from the region. With the new total of 2,500, Ericsson is almost back to its pre-2000 workforce high in the Telecom Corridor.

Business Retention Activity:
  • Fossil – Fossil is one of the most internationally recognized companies in Richardson. In March, Fossil concluded a very creative agreement with KDC Real Estate Development & Investments, whereby Fossil will be able to consolidate its two Richardson operations into a single 535,771 SF facility that formerly served as the headquarters for Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Texas. KDC made the decision for Fossil easy, as it agreed to acquire all of Fossil’s existing Richardson buildings – a 190,000 SF headquarters and side-by-side 139,000 SF distribution center along with a 130,000 SF office building. When the transition is complete in October, Fossil’s 1,100 local employees will enjoy a roomy and renovated single campus that will become a familiar landmark on Richardson’s southern border.   



Other projects on the 2011 list are indicative of some of the economic trends affect Richardson:

  • Data centers are a key element in cloud computing, and Richardson is home to 10 company or operator-owned data center buildings comprising almost 1 million SF with five more planned or under construction. Richardson’s technology-oriented workforce, its secure environment, robust fiber connectivity and access to electricity make it a popular location for data centers.
  • Available office space in large blocks of 100,000 SF or more are in abundance in Richardson. The 460,000 SF space that enabled Ericsson to quickly find a home for 1,500 workers was just the tip of the iceberg. Remaining are another eight or nine spaces that offer outstanding quality, pricing, access and visibility.
  • Technology growth is evident, as more than 50% of the 24 companies represent technology-centric businesses. Factors that favor Richardson for a tech company relocation are:
    • Superior access to the region’s skilled technology workers
    • The presence of major technology companies
    • UT Dallas’ educational resources
    • Richardson’s history in launching many of the great technology companies that have come out of North Texas


What’s Ahead:

Considering the fragile state of the national company, it is unlikely there will be a major overall economic uptick in Richardson environs. However, in niches like data centers and specific technologies, there should be some positive movement. With significant speculative office development still at least several years away and with relative scarcities in other northern suburban markets, Richardson’s abundance of large blocks of available office space will be an important factor going into the latter portion of 2011. 

2011 Richardson Business Expansions and Relocations
1Southern Graphic SystemsPackaging design graphics/printingExpansionRichardson Lease 901 International Pkwy #180 27,800 Flex 15 
Susan Singer
2Stream Data CenterData center operation for hospitalsRelocationDenver, CO Lease 3300 Essex 20,000 Flex 10 Brian Olney
Pisa Group bCustomer service for newspapers like DMN RelocationSt. Louis, MO Lease 1220 E. Campbell 9,540 Flex 100 
Jeff Pappas
Agilent Calibration & measuring devices Expansion Richardson Lease 1200 E. Campbell 11,134 Flex 30 
Mike McCartan
Maverick Technologies System integrator for industrial systems Expansion Richardson Lease 1717 Firman 8,800 Flex 20 Mike McCartan MARK V 
Applied Materials Semiconductor mftg equipment Expansion Richardson Lease 1717 Firman 6,290 Flex 25 
Mike McCartan
SSG, Limited Oracle-related bus. applications Expansion Richardson Lease801 E. Campbell #350 6,680 Office 20 
Deborah Borum
Performance Pulsation Controls Noise control devices for piping and drilling Relocation Plano Buy 3309 Essex 5,693 Flex 20 
Brett McMillan
Calix Networks Broadband access equipment Relocation Petaluma, CA Lease 1701 Plano Rd. #150 3,543 Flex 15 
Travis Sapaugh
10 VCE IT products and services Relocation Addison Lease 1500 N. Greenville 87,650 Office 434 
Greg Langston
11 Concept Laboratories Small batch cosmetic design & production Expansion Richardson Lease 3305 Essex 11,387 Flex 15 
Brett McMillan
12 Fossil Watches, fashion accessories Relocation Richardson Lease 901 N. Central Expy. 535,771 Office 1,100 
John Brownlee
13 FlexLink Designs & makes conveyor systems Relocation Plano Lease 3321 E. Renner Rd.25,390 Flex 20 
George Tanghongs
14 Westbrook Dental Lab Fabricate dental implants Relocation Garland Lease 3309 Essex 5,694 Flex 15 
Brett McMillan
15 MetroPCS Mobile phone carrier Expansion Richardson Lease 2350 Lakeside 25,000 Office 100 
Bo Bond
16 MobilCommWireless servicesRelocation PlanoBuy 465 PGBT Bldg. B 18,420 Office 10 
Janice Peters
Senderra PharmacyProvides drugs and counseling for arthritis Relocation Dallas Lease 1301 Arapaho 10,000 Flex 15 
Travis Ewert
18 MobileComm Ventures LLC Tech services for wireless comm. Relcation Plano Lease 465 SH 190 11,994 Office 40 
Rick Rensi
19 Phoenix Health Systems IT outsourcing for hospitals Expansion Richardson Lease 1130 E. Arapaho 8,500 Office 30 
Preston Dunn
20 Lonestar MGA Auto insurance Expansion Richardson Lease 1130 E. Arapaho 5,059 Office 20 
Tommy Nelson
21 Extend Health, Inc. Health insurance Relocation Salt Lake City, UT Lease 1350 N. Glenville 25,000 Office 250 
Michael Peinado
22 BB&T Corp. Branch of NC-based bank Relocation Winston-Salem, NC Lease 801 E. Campbell 3,699 Office 15 
Deborah Borum
23 Ericsson Communications equip. & services Relocation Plano Lease 2201-2202 Lakeside 460,000 Office/Lab 2,800 
Mike Wyatt
24 Samsung Telecommunications America Mobile communication Expansion Richardson Lease2505 N. Plano Rd. 20,104 Office 80 
Pat O'Keefe

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