REDP kicking off campaign to attract young STEM talent to Richardson

In terms of corporate recruitment, one of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s greatest strengths is its skilled, high-tech workforce. Multiple companies have relocated to North Texas recently to draw from our pool of qualified young talent. According to a recent article in the Dallas Business Journal, North Texas has more than 211,000 people working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) occupations.


However, upon speaking with many of our local Richardson employers, this supply isn’t great enough to meet the demands of our existing, expanding and relocating companies. Our conversations with company leaders and human resources professionals reveal that talent attraction is more competitive than ever in Richardson. There are more technical positions open than there are qualified candidates to fill them.


REDP is tackling this workforce shortage issue with a talent attraction campaign this year. We are coordinating an initiative to attract young STEM workers fresh out of college to live and work in Richardson. Our hope is that these young professionals will:


a)      Fulfill our corporate employers’ demand for a high-tech workforce

b)      Occupy the abundant, upscale multi-family housing currently being built in Richardson

c)      Actualize the City’s vision of Richardson as a live, work and play environment


This initiative will have two components: a comprehensive labor study and a marketing attraction campaign. As part of the labor study, we are asking our local human resources professionals to complete a brief survey describing their hiring needs. We will use this data in addition to a labor study to determine how our workforce matches up with employers’ demand.


The next step will be to design and execute a marketing campaign targeted at young high-tech workers. The campaign will showcase Richardson as an attractive location for young professionals to not only work, but also live and spend time. Richardson is becoming more and more desirable to young families due to the emergence of transit-oriented mixed-use developments in Richardson such as CityLine, and unique dining and entertainment venues such as Alamo Drafthouse, Four Bullets Brewery and our up-and-coming Richardson Food Truck Park.


The timeline for the initiative is to launch the campaign by the end of July. The campaign will be most successful with the support of our corporate employers and housing communities. If you have any questions about the initiative or wish to participate in the workforce survey, please contact Jenny Mizutowicz.

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