id Software Moves HQ to Richardson

One of the rock stars in computer video games, id Software LLC, part of ZeniMax Media, has leased 57.100 square feet of office space on 2 floors of Collin Crossing, 1500 N. Greenville Ave. in Richardson.  Ushering in a new era of interactive entertainment with genre-defining blockbusters like Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM and QUAKE, id has secured itself a place in gaming history as one of the fathers of the modern video game. 

id's games go beyond state-of-the-art, delivering stunning graphics, liquid-smooth Internet action and countless forward-thinking technical, artistic, and gameplay refinements. From legitimizing the shareware distribution model and establishing the PC as a formidable gaming platform, to giving birth to the mod community and introducing to fans Internet-based multiplayer gaming, id has, and continues to lead the interactive entertainment world by example.

The lease is "one of the largest signed in Richardson this year," said Reid Caldwell of Transwestern, who negotiated the new lease with Seth Weinstein of Newmark Knight Frank. The company will occupy about 20% of the Collins Crossing building.
One of id Software's development partners, Nerve Software, moved its offices to Richardson in 2006.
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